About zontul films

Tim Wilson and Necati Zontul set up Zontul Films in 2003 and formally registered the company in the UK in 2005.

In addition to animated films, Zontul have also illustrated books, and consulted on Theatre and Live-action film design. "Trial by Jury" is scheduled for production in 2017/18, it will be the first in a series which will bring opera to the screen. Meanwhile, we are working on the Bertie film and a second "History of the MUsic Hall" . We have also completed a number of title sequences, most recently for "AUBADE" by Henry Astor and "WASTEWORLD" by Andrea Niada which is currently screening at festivals in the US. CAPTAIN COD is part of a political campaign we have been helping to illustrate (also here).

An extensive collection of cards and prints is available, with views of Oxford, Istanbul, Albania and Corfu together with a number of Schools and colleges that have requested images.

An important part of our work is educational: a number of animated lectures by Tim Wilson on a variety of subjects are now posted on Youtube. Tim continues to lectures in schools and colleges.

Meanwhile, "Following Lear", which recreates the views Edward Lear drew on his journey through Turkey and Albania in 1848, is currently in production, and exhibitions of pictures for this project have been reviewed in the Encyclopedia of Albanian Art, "Shqiptarët në Artin Botëror", edited by Professor Ferid Hudhri. We recently completed a programme for BBC Radio about this project.