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making How to be Boss

the odyssey school notes

whiteboard advertising

This was done a while ago at break-neck speed and I am still quite pleased with it!

daventry calling

the toilet

here is an example of how to write an essay which I have just posted on youtube. There is a fun cartoon of Victoria and a few other Victorian characters

bertie again

new macbeth roughs

more torture

This is the making of Torture film. It deals with the torture of Alnbanian children in Police custody and our response to this.


torture again

This is the original torture film with misoc by Alastair Putt

I am also posting our companion "making of" film shortly.

new macbeth video


I am about to teach some history and looking through notebooks to find quite alot of illustrations- we got very excited by the statues in London and went on  from there. The moleskins are also full of designs for the Edward Lear project and this page shows attempts to design Lear's cat Foss based on our cats, hanem on the right sitting on some books by the window (It cannot have been comfortable for her) and bey sitting out of scale next to the statue of James I which was in Winchester cathedral. 

continuing to sketch out Macbeth


This is now well over half- sketched!! 

Here is an early sketch of the character who sings the song...


what would God say? Academic lectures

After being invited to talk in a few schools and colleges, I have been filming some of the lectures and Necati and I have been adding animation to the sequences- it speeds up the presebtation but can sometimes make the film a bit "dense". I feel after some 3 years of doing this that we are only now beginning to get the mix right. The last full film to be published was our take on the problem of evil. The film here is the second part of a larger film that looks at the religious and biblical texts cited to condemn homosexuality. There was a book published by the father of a friend at Oxford called "Christain attitudes to Homosexuality" and it went some way to placing the 6 major texts in context and explaining that what appears to be condemned is not quite what was intended and certainly is not what many gay people today would recognise. This book was published by Peter Coleman in 1980 so it is some time ago. There have been a few books since, but many authors find themselves stumped by Paul who seems to be particularly negative or particularly confused about this subject, and is often quoted by fierce evangelicals. A new book, however, has just been published and it seems to me to sort out the issues completely. At last, Romans can be understood. So often on the net, those who are campaigning for a gay interpretation of these texts seem to faulter at Romans and say, "well Paul is talking about something else, or he is repeating the admonition against getting involved in pagan cultic activity." Now we can say categorically that Paul saw the jewish law as something that came in two parts. He criticised the Pharisees for over-emphasising the ritualistic aspects of the law and instead emphasised instead the duty to neighbour. This distinction is implicit in alot of rabbinical writings and I am indebted to Dr Bill Berg who guided me through a text by Photios. The homosexual issue because of its link to pagan worship is part of the cultic apparatus that Paul abandons. What Paul effectively is saying is "if it doesn't hurt anyone else or doesn't frighten the horses" it is ok, it MUST be ok, though for Paul, it cannot be perfect, because perfection is a call to celibacy and preparation for an imminent end of time. This is not quite the more hypocritical US "don't tell" approach as demonstrated in military circles... I hope! Anyway, Dr Berg turns out to be a friend of my old friend in Athens, Spiros, so that is all tremendous. Now, I think it is possible to go a bit further an link this with the orthodox doctrine of theosis. I will try and write a summary of this for the blog when the full film is ready and the blog might then accompany the video, fleshing out those things I cannot really cover on film. 

The opening sequence was done on the disney/toon boon developed software platform called "Harmony". I love it but it took some getting used to and I am still learning.


Below is one of the caricatures from the film. This is the silly councillor, Mr Sylvester from UKIP who claimed that the recent bad weather was an act of God and a response by God to the legalisation of Gay Marriage. He lost his job as a result of this statement and was splashed across the press. What a plonker- but what a remarkable chin he has!


more on macbeth

the film like Bertie will morph the singer into other characters as he sings. In Bertie, there are moments whjere there will be two versiond of the same character. In Macbeth, I plan to be more restrained because the character itself is so camp. But the end of the song explodes into a tap dance routine which should be fun to draw!

It is a preparation for the songs in the Edward Lear film, composed by DAVID WATSON and in the style of the 19th Century music hall. I am very much looking forward to working on these too.

After this, I will be finsihing the storyboard of "Trial by Jury" and "Figaro" In a way, these little films are a way to test our skills at lip-sync and our understanding on screen of the way music works. Should we follow mickey mouse, for example and fairly slavishly hit the beat whenever we move or should we be more interesting and move off the beat like Fred Astaire?

Clements and Church

The boys at Clements and Church asked me to draw their pictures so here is the caricatured set. I am working on another picture for the shop in Leamington spa. I wear their jacket in my videos!!


the second of the music hall films is called Macbeth and is a setting of another William Hargreaves song, "the night I appeared as Macbeth. The music is arranged by David Watson of Kanon and I am singing (!)

This is really a rough sketch of possible gestures and to get the dance steps right but it still has a flavour of entertainment and I thought was worth posting!

more on Bertie: the music hall continues

The finished black and white version

drawing and animating Bertie.part 1

here is a rough version of the music hall. It is based on the Hackney Empire which I visited on Friday last week

Encyclopedia entry in "Shqiptarėt nė Artin Botėror"

This is a copy of a page from an encyclopedia edited by Professor Ferid Hudhri who is the Albanian authority on Edward Lear. 


here is a copy of the hackney empire which we use in the film along with some earlier pictures of theatres in Paris associated with Offenbach

the problem of evil

This is one of the latest youtube tutorials by Tim. You can see it here


This format also allows us to show some of the footage we recorded at a State school near portsmouth which rather spectacularly allows students of 15 to sit the AS Philosophy exams. I was impressed by their knowledge and their questions so this video is really a tribute to that visit. There will be another film shortly about the Ontological argument and the argument from design which I also discussed in Portsmouth.


Below is a picture from a planned illustrated book of the mathematical problems of Alcuin, a great Anglo saxon bishop whose stories ressemble Aesop's. The book is to be published in Moscow by Prof Alexi Semenov and will be in english, Russia and the original Latin. I will post some other illustrations for it later!


Following "How to be Boss" which won a best animation award in 2012, we arte now making 2 short films about the music hall. It is an excuse to demonstrate lip sync and a disney -style believability. We have now recorded the two songs and started to storyboard the sequences. It will be a long haul.


Here are some pictures to be going on with

The theatre and rough images of the two main characters.

  this is the old man with a beard. Not quite the image I intended, but it will entertain for now!

this will be one of three songs I hope we shall animate based on Lear poems and which will eventually make it into the Lear documentary, "Finding Lear"


This is really our first entry. We have just got a first draft of the musical score for the Owl and the Pussycat by David Watson which is a thrilling and deeply charming setting. It is anchored in the music hall traditions of the 19th Century and should be an entertaining piece to animate. The idea is to feature a number of songs and animation as well as the record of our journey in the footsteps of Lear from Istanbul to Corfu. Some of the footage is live action, some of it will be animated and we will be able to show the way the views that Lear drew on this journey have changed dramatically today.